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GB-2094368-A: Fence patent, GB-209488-A: Improvements in steaming appliances for use in permanent hair waving patent, GB-2095690-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, GB-2097361-A: Bag patent, GB-2098447-A: A cover for animal drinking troughs patent, GB-209876-A: Improvements in machines for casting metal patent, GB-2098838-A: Microwave oven patent, GB-2099080-A: Fluid actuator cylinder and piston patent, GB-2099719-A: Apparatus for the separation of solid particles mainly for application requiring increased operational safety patent, GB-210010-A: Improvements in slat parquetry for floors and the like patent, GB-210046-A: Improvement in knitting machines and methods of forming reinforcements patent, GB-2101542-A: Aircraft undercarriage unit patent, GB-2101707-A: Friction clutch driven plate patent, GB-2102509-A: Diaphragm pump patent, GB-2102646-A: Power-on reset circuit patent, GB-2103172-A: A device for raising a casting table patent, GB-2103666-A: Thread guide flyers patent, GB-2103972-A: Process for high-speed vertical continuous casting of aluminium and alloys thereof patent, GB-2104226-A: Apparatus for testing integrated circuits patent, GB-2104318-A: Starting and operating loads with changing impedance characteristics patent, GB-2104680-A: Single-polarization single-mode optical fiber patent, GB-2104884-A: Method and apparatus for preparation of graphite fluoride by contact reaction between carbon and fluorine gas patent, GB-2105455-A: An apparatus for indirect cooling of fluids by a gas stream patent, GB-2105739-A: Diaminopyridine azo dyes patent, GB-2105799-A: Automatic continuously variable transmission patent, GB-2106031-A: Method of manufacturing conveyor belting patent, GB-2107803-A: Apparatus for mounting a wheel particularly a steering and driving wheel for an automobile patent, GB-2108252-A: Ceramic roller-hearth kiln with controlled combustion and cooling patent, GB-2108603-A: Interlocked shift control patent, GB-210878-A: Improvements in or relating to holders for kinematograph films and the like patent, GB-2109082-A: A headlamp for vehicles especially for motor vehicles patent, GB-210929-A: Improvements in or relating to electric lamps for indirect lighting patent, GB-2110496-A: Dual output digital filter and television receiver including such a filter patent, GB-2110766-A: Fluid flow machine particularly a turbine patent, GB-2111075-A: Coal liquefaction process patent, GB-211162-A: Improved process and apparatus for drying celluloid or like films patent, GB-2111869-A: Coating an inductive stabilization ballast patent, GB-2112649-A: Porous metal-based artificial teeth and process for making it patent, GB-2114224-A: Creating a combustible mixture for a supercharged i.c.engine patent, GB-2114692-A: Brake control device patent, GB-2115367-A: An improved electric chain block or hoist patent, GB-2115470-A: Vehicle windows patent, GB-2115564-A: Automatic weighing indicating and sealing machine patent, GB-211592-A: Improvements in or connected with mechanical feed devices for use in combination with furnaces patent, GB-211618-A: An improved carburetter for internal combustion engines patent, GB-2116956-A: Process for purifying silicon patent, GB-2118930-A: Manufacture of optical fibre preforms by vapour-phase axial deposition (vad) patent, GB-2119870-A: A sintered powder metal bearing patent, GB-2123732-A: Method of manufacturing solid metallic materials having a circular cross section using a rotary mill patent, GB-2124977-A: Printing machine patent, GB-212611-A: Improvements in or relating to steam locomotives patent, GB-2129174-A: Digital code detector circuit patent, GB-213013-A: Electrolytic method and syphon patent, GB-2130915-A: Pleat spacing mechanism patent, GB-2131423-A: Thiazole derivatives patent, GB-2131852-A: Anchor plate for drain member patent, GB-2132511-A: Apparatus and process for the separation of fluid cracking catalyst particles from gaseous hydrocarbons patent, GB-2132725-A: Automatic hydraulic connectors patent, GB-2133584-A: Motor speed control patent, GB-2133657-A: Color separation system patent, GB-213556-A: Improvements in valveless internal combustion engines, compressors and the like patent, GB-2135649-A: Apparatus and method for flattening a filled pouch patent, GB-2136355-A: Apparatus for washing a rubber blanket cylinder of a printing machine patent, GB-213753-A: Improvements in bale ties or packing bands and fasteners therefor patent, GB-2137798-A: Tape cassette loading and ejecting devices in a magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus patent, GB-2138778-A: Video cassette security device patent, GB-213890-A: Four-wheeled low power vehicle patent, GB-213899-A: patent, GB-2139091-A: Bone marrow cavity sealing plug patent, GB-2139133-A: Method of cutting out or separating piece-parts from a workpiece sheet on a piercing press, and piercing presses for carrying out the method patent, GB-214031-A: Improvements in or relating to dental apparatus patent, GB-2140517-A: Vehicle load-sensing brake pressure proportioning valve patent, GB-214138-A: Improvements in or relating to feed water pumps for steam boilers and other pumps patent, GB-2141889-A: Variable characteristic timing circuit patent, GB-2141997-A: Method for the preparation of mixtures of pharmaceutical liquids patent, GB-214338-A: Improvements in or relating to transformers for use in high frequency circuits patent, GB-2143849-A: Electrolytic precision drilling patent, GB-2144030-A: A loader wagon provided with a grinding device patent, GB-2145352-A: Method for separating coal particles from an aqueous slurry patent, GB-2145462-A: Securing layers of sheet material on studs and retaining collars therefor patent, GB-2145558-A: Field effect transistor patent, GB-2147131-A: Control system for automated vehicle systems patent, GB-2147943-A: Sunroof panel opening/closing apparatus patent, GB-2148062-A: Signal rectifier patent, GB-2148526-A: Coupling an endoscope and a video camera patent, GB-2150136-A: Benzothiazoline antioxidants patent, GB-215059-A: Improvements relating to doyleys, traycloths & the like patent, GB-2152793-A: Liquid feeder for livestock patent, GB-2153177-A: Digital navstar receiver patent, GB-215462-A: Improvements in or relating to ball valves for water supply cisterns and the like patent, GB-2154690-A: Hydraulic lash adjuster patent, GB-2154945-A: Feeding webs to print heads patent, GB-2155343-A: Improvements in toy vehicles patent, GB-215542-A: Improvements in pump oilers patent, GB-2156337-A: Support for a mould portion of a glassware forming machine patent, GB-2160095-A: Garment hanger patent, GB-2160343-A: Wheelchair cushion monitor and alarm apparatus patent, GB-216069-A: Improvements in seats patent, GB-2161461-A: Container with lid patent, GB-2161594-A: Lamp housing patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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